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December 13, 2001

Sleep Patterns
Sleep is an important time of rest during which we become unaware of our surroundings, our muscles relax, and our breathing rate and heartbeat slow down. Sleep helps to revitalize the nervous system. When lacking sleep, people lose energy, lack concentration, and may grow irritable. In orthodox, or deep sleep (approximately 75% of total sleep) the body is relaxed. During paradoxical, or shallow sleep (approximately 25% of total sleep) dreams occur.

Sleep chart

sleep follows a standard pattern:

1) Consciousness
We are aware of our surroundings.

2) Shallow orthodox sleep
We are aware of our surroundings.

3) Deep orthodox sleep
Body building and repair processes reach their peak.

4) Paradoxical or REM (rapid eye movement) sleep
Breathing and heartbeat grow irregular, eyes move back and forth behind shut lids, brain activity increases, and we dream. There are five REM phases in eight hours of sleep, so we dream about five times a night (if we get eight hours of sleep).

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