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Mike Dust' Fascinatum

Volume 2
Apr-Jun 2002

17-He Is Risen
16-50 years ago
15-St. Patrick
14-A Song of Drake's Men
13-Cleopatra's Needle

12-Ankle Sprains
11-Ski Jumping
10-The Original Tom Thumb
9-Happy Birthday Mom

8-Lustron Homes
7-Thinking About Motion Pictures
6-BNSF Rail Yard
5-Petrified Forest
4-Wake Up Jacob
3-Free Throw Specialist
2-House Numbers for Bees
1-Sloppy Joe's Bar

Volume 1
December 2001

Fascinatum Main

Sloppy Joe's Bar
Havana, Cuba

Sloppy Joe's Bar

In the 1950s, Havana was America's playground, it was so near and yet so foreign. Tourists enjoyed delicious concoctions of lime, mint, white rum and sparkling water known as Mojitos at famous watering holes, one of the most famous being Sloppy Joe's Bar. My grandparents made a trip there sometime in the early 1950's when this sharp photo was taken at the bar. It's really a very nice photo and fascinating too. Interestingly enough, the Sloppy Joe's Bar that Ernest Hemingway made famous was (and still is) located in Key West, Florida, the closest you can get in the United States (only 90 miles) to Cuba.


Vol. 2 - January - No. 1

Visit Cuba Postcard

A Sergeant Named Batista
Low and Lonely, B-29 44-69908
a postcard of Sloppy Joe's Bar, Havana, Cuba
13 de Marzo 1957: An Overview

Key West
Sloppy Joe's... Yesterday
The Truth...The Whole Truth: Hemingway at Sloppy Joe's

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