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Mike Dust' Fascinatum

Volume 2
Apr-Jun 2002

17-He Is Risen
16-50 years ago
15-St. Patrick
14-A Song of Drake's Men
13-Cleopatra's Needle

12-Ankle Sprains
11-Ski Jumping
10-The Original Tom Thumb
9-Happy Birthday Mom

8-Lustron Homes
7-Thinking About Motion Pictures
6-BNSF Rail Yard
5-Petrified Forest
4-Wake Up Jacob
3-Free Throw Specialist
2-House Numbers for Bees
1-Sloppy Joe's Bar

Volume 1
December 2001

Fascinatum Main

Vol. 2 - January - No. 7
Thinking about motion pictures
an exercise in critical thinking

Thinking about the moviesWhy do you go to see motion pictures? What kinds of pictures interest you? What kinds do you like? What kinds do you especially dislike? Do you think that motion pictures show life as it really is? Are any of your ideas about how you act or dress influenced by movies you have seen?

the exercise:
You may need a piece of paper and a writing tool for this part.

Make a list of questions that you would ask a person who tells you that he/she has just seen an interesting motion picture.

Then, create a list of questions which you think, when answered, will provide all the information that will help a person decide whether or not to go see a given movie. Using your list of questions, write a set of suggestions to be followed in telling someone about a motion picture. When you have finished, compare your list with the suggestions given here.

An Introduction to Critical Thinking
Three Definitions of Critical Thinking
Critical Thinking Terms and Concepts
Critical Thinking in Reading
Film School 101.1
Entertainment Reviews For Parents

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