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gathered from Spirits of St. Louis Official Programs

We've got the Spirit! - Marvin Barnes

Remember the ABA

Remember the ABA: St. Louis Spirits

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St. Louis Spirits Official Program
An Official Program from the 1975-76 season. The Spirits won this game, 99-95 over Dr. J and the Nets.

1975-76 Spirits of St. Louis
Official Program

A message from Mike Dust.

As a youngster, I was fortunate to enjoy the short lived excitement of the American Basketball Association's (ABA) Spirits of St. Louis. For two seasons, my family and I delighted to games at the old St. Louis Arena. We were amazed by the play of superstars like Marvin Barnes, James "Fly" Williams, and Ron Boone, as well as up-and-comers, such as M.L. Carr, Moses Malone, and Maurice Lucas.

Being young and impressionable, I think the magic of that short-lived sporting euphoria has forever flavored my appreciation of the game of basketball. The sideshow antics of the ABA and the impressive talent of its superstars made for many unforgettable memories. It was all greatly magnified in my eyes, especially since it often seemed like we were the only ones who were 'in' on this magnificent secret. Crowds were small, but excitement was high and it always felt like we were in for a special treat when we went to a Spirits game.

Luckily, my sister and I kept some of our game programs and over the years, I've enjoyed browsing through them and remembering favorite players, or noticing ones I seemed to have forgotten. It is with this spirit and through this loose interpretation of those programs that I hope to share my enthusiasm and joy over some of my memories, real and imagined, of the American Basketball Association's Spirits of St. Louis.

Contained herein, you will find information about the Spirits culled from about a dozen programs from the 1975-76 season and divided up into a few general categories:

  • Players - Player profiles and statistics of most of the cast from throughout the 1975-76 season.

  • Articles - Articles that were included in the programs, usually one per game, focusing on Spirits players and other ABA personalities of note.

  • General Information - Front office personnel, contacts, ticket information, pricing, final ABA standings, and more...

Wherever possible, I've tried to retain the original context of the materials. I'll add more content as it becomes available and will include other information about the team and players as seems appropriate.

It is with great appreciation that I offer thanks to sportswriter Myron Holtzman who kindly provided us with tickets, my sister for keeping her programs intact, and most importantly to my father, for whom the love of basketball has been a constant throughout his life and one that has been imparted, pleasantly unto me. Thank you.

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